‘Ronald Reagan Riding a Velociraptor.’

At some point, I’m going to have to buy this.  If only to see the look on the Hobby Lobby framer when I bring it to her.

Moe Lane

PS: Liberal lurkers, please note: you can also get one of FDR and his mecha-wheelchair-battlesuit.  I feel that we can all agree that this even-handedness is a laudable trait of the artist.

PPS: ‘Velociraptor’ already shows up in my tag box auto-complete, suggesting that I have mentioned this poster before.

…Sorry, I just can’t get past this dinosaur attack video.

This one.


More accurately, I just can’t get past the alternate-history American version of this video, which differs from the Japanese one in that it never exactly aired. Instead, it was put into evidence by the defense at some guy’s manslaughter trial, in order to explain why the defendant felt obligated to put three rounds into a hapless puppeteer’s center of mass.

The jury would, by the way, probably acquit.

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