So, is Steve Cohen (D, TN-09) schtupping his buddy’s daughter? [UPDATE: apparently, she’s HIS… daughter.]

[UPDATE]: It has just come out that apparently Ms. Brink is Rep. Cohen’s… daughter. Which certainly does put a somewhat different spin on things. For one thing, it makes the entire exchange non-creepy. …Sorry about that.

They call that “Jeffrey-Tubing*” where I come from… well, no, they don’t.  They should, though.

Anyway, background:  Steve Cohen is a miserable little suckweasel of a Congressman from Tennessee’s Ninth District who somehow manages to find primary challengers who are worse than he is, which is saying something.  Victoria Brink is, and I am quoting the Hill on this one**, “a Texas State University blonde bombshell featured in a college co-ed calendar.”


…Yessss.  This will no doubt end well. (more…)

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