Why Jim Moran’s son Patrick will get away with domestic abuse.

Spoiler warning: it’s because the Democrats use the concept of “acceptable losses.”

Consider the story of Jim and Patrick Moran… and let us not make this a Democratic/Republican thing. Instead, let us go foreign: imagine that a report had come out that the son of an Australian* politician had been caught viciously beating his girlfriend in a drunken rage. The incident was witnessed by police, who made an arrest (getting assaulted themselves in the process); the victim went to the hospital, and allegedly treated for a skull fracture and a broken nose. Now also imagine that the politician HAPPENED to be a senior figure in his political party, and who HAPPENED to belong to a federal-level legislative body that HAPPENS to have direct oversight over the municipality where the attack took place; and that the politician’s son just HAPPENED to be able to plead down from felony assault to regular assault and probation. And, to cap it all off… the victim is in classic fashion sent out to claim that it was all an accident – and then the politician declares the whole thing to be an ‘embarrassing situation.’

If all of this happened on the other side of the world, do you think that there would be anybody credible – on either side of the American political spectrum – who would not agree that the politician needed to be investigated?

Anybody? (more…)


Labor union goons go violent in Michigan.

Scenes from the lack-of-class struggle in Lansing, Michigan: first off, the destruction of the Americans for Prosperity tent by union goons.  Apparently merely existing was too much of a provocation.

Reportedly, two of the people in that tent when it was torn down were in wheelchairs.  I assume that I don’t have to explain why going after people in wheelchairs is close to the very definition of “barbarian?” (more…)


Partner of Mark Pocan (D CAND, WI-02) sent threatening texts to attacked Kyle Wood (staffer to R-CAND). [UPDATE: Story Recanted]

[FURTHER UPDATE: Media Trackers retracts, apologizes for putting out the story. My apologies to Mr. Frank for my reaction; it was obviously uncalled for.]

[UPDATE: The police are now reporting that the staffer's story has been recanted. Absent any evidence to the contrary, this would include the alleged text messages: I look forward with some interest to whether that, at least, can be verified. And yes, you may safely assume that I do not appreciate people lying to the police about things like this. - Moe Lane]

OK, remember the Kyle Wood incident from last week?  Short version is, Kyle Wood is a staffer for Chad Lee, the Republican candidate for WI-02, which is Tammy Baldwin’s current district.  Chad is opposed by Mark Pocan.  Tammy Baldwin happens to be gay.  Mark Pocan happens to be gay.  Kyle Wood happens to be gay.  And Kyle Wood was assaulted in his home last week, allegedly for being a gay Republican who was out of the closet and supporting a straight Republican running in a Democratic district.  This is a real story: the cops are looking for “Male, white, mid-20s, 6′-6’2″, curly brown hair, broad nose, with a muscular build.”

Now, let’s meet Philip Frank.

[picture removed]



#rsrh Good thing that Obama supporter in Iowa didn’t have a knife, huh?

You know, the one who – according to multiple accountsbroke through the Secret Service cordon at today’s Paul Ryan rally at the Iowa State Fair, rushed the stage, then assaulted someone in the crowd on her way to jail.  Now, heckling is fine – and if you watch the video here, you’ll see why* – but if you’re sufficiently unhinged as to take a swing at somebody when they’re removing you from the stage, guess what?  They’re right to remove you from the stage.  By definition.

Now, I’m not going to make this a full-fledged snarl, but let me clue in Obama for America: you idiots dodged a bullet today.  Whoever it was that sent that woman out there – and let’s not pretend that OfA isn’t encouraging counter-protests – screwed up by winding up and setting loose a potentially dangerous obsessive.  Fire whichever particular idiot did it, review and revamp your entire procedure – or it will happen again.

You may not be so lucky next time.

Moe Lane

*Short version: people that unhinged don’t move the needle for the side that they are putatively on.  Thankfully.

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