Quote of the Day, @barackobama Only Lacks A Volcano Lair edition. #obamacare

Allahpundit, on today’s Obamacare message (“We’re not repealing it as long as I’m President”):

Is this really the message Democrats wanted him to put out today, when news outlets are filled with stories about rate shock, glitchy enrollments, and catastrophic security lapses? I thought the headline was supposed to be “ObamaCare is wonderful,” not “There’s nothing you can do.” Good lord. This feels like a communique from Two-Face to Gotham city…

Let’s just say that this administration has been having a little trouble with little things lately.  Like objective reality.

Cheney’s retirement lair is at…

…the “exotic monster pet” stage of development? Excellent. Although why he only wants one face-slapping, Greenpeace-eating, narcotrafficante-disrupting giant Colombian snake is beyond me completely. I know that Rumsfeld is letting Cheney crash at his place until the new digs are ready: possibly he doesn’t have the room?

Moe Lane