Attention, Republican legislators: let the Democrats vote FIRST.

As I have said, many times: I do not know what the right answer is when it comes to intervening in Syria.  Every option is bad, with negative consequences and poor results.  If  I was a Member of Congress I would be frantically trying to go through what information I have available, in order to determine the least-worst scenario and vote for that.  Because of all of that, I cannot in good conscience call for Members of Congress (Republican AND Democrat) to do anything except vote their consciences: if I don’t have the right answer myself, I shouldn’t try to second-guess a legislator’s own sense of morality.

But I will so totally give tactical advice on when to vote.  Glenn Reynolds’ advice here is spot-on:

If I were the GOP — in both the House and Senate — I wouldn’t let a single Republican vote be cast until all the Democrats have voted.



Advice to Members of Congress regarding #syria.

Apparently, somewhere about half* of Republicans in Congress follow @redstate on Twitter, so there’s a decent chance that they’ll see this advice.  Anyway, I’ve been banging a drum on this issue all weekend, but I’ll bang it again: vote your conscience. Don’t feel pressured to vote against intervention, for intervention, for a different kind of intervention than the one you favor, or any other combination or scenario. There’s a reason why Speaker John Boehner signalled that he hopes other caucus members will vote to authorize, or why House Majority Leader Eric Cantor only intends to vote for intervention: they’re not going to whip the vote, and there’s not going to be a push to rush the process.

So don’t rush into this, and vote for what you think is the best, or more likely the least bad, option.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: As I noted here, I don’t actually know what the best option is.  Every one of them ends poorly.

*The exact number is 51.5% of all Republicans with ‘official’ Twitter accounts.  Apparently 97% of all Congressmen have Twitter accounts, so it’s safe enough to say that about half of the GOP members of Congress are at least monitoring RedState.


#rsrh Go vote.

No histrionics, no bravado, no nonsense: what I could do, I have done.  So now it’s up to you.  Go vote. It looks like early voting in Ohio did indeed take a big chunk out of the Democrats’ presumed lead – I think big enough to give Romney the win there* – so don’t think that your vote may not mean anything.  Even if you’re like me and living in a blue state; somebody on that ticket is counting on you to show up.

So vote.

Moe Lane

*As you might have guessed already, I actually didn’t have Ohio scored for Romney in my predictions yesterday. OH early vote data provided by @redistrict, by the way.

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The Day of DOOM.

What we could do, we have done; it’s up to the voters now.  That’s you, so make sure you vote.

Odd: I’ve been preparing for this day since November of 2006 – admittedly, I thought that it’d come in November of 2008 – and I find that the somewhat (melo)dramatic things that I had in mind to write aren’t really all that appropriate.  Even the national party is trying to keep things low-key tonight (which is smart of Rep. John Boehner).

So no drama.  Just go vote.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

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