Apparently cultural contamination works both ways.

You know how Western civilization has a ‘bad*’ habit of appropriating other cultures’ religious and cultural icons for its own purposes?


Honestly, we have no kick coming.

Moe Lane

*Note: this is not actually ‘bad.’


#rsrh Somebody green-lighted this billboard.

I devoutly hope that it was meant as a joke – only nobody else got it, and the originator of said joke watched in steadily-increasing horror as the ad went on to completion and publication…

(H/T theblogprof)


Sen Ben Nelson (D, NE): ‘I know about holograms.’

This is one of those ‘funny when it happens to other countries’ stories. Some background: Senator Tom Harkin (D) of Iowa, having happily participated in saddling the American people with trillions of dollars of generational debt at the behest of his liberal party leadership, has decided to make things right for folks by introducing a bill to cap ATM fees.

Gee. Thanks, Tommie.

Anyway, the bill died, but not before Senator Ben Nelson (D) of Nebraska reminded us that he lives in a wonderful, magic bubble land where things just sort of… happen… for him. By invisible gnomes, no doubt: (more…)


This is the ‘Joe Biden opens his mouth’ to beat.

It’s going to be a tough one to beat, too.

Early Wednesday night, roughly sixty Democratic donors paid $2,500/plate (or about $150,000) for the privilege of having Vice President Joe Biden show up and tell them – on the day after their party had just (barely) passed the health care legislation that will supposedly save them at the polls – that their money is going to end up going to unsuccessfully defend doomed incumbents in the November elections.

Think I’m not being fair?

Barack generated such an overwhelming turnout and enthusiasm (in 2008), that we had the biggest turnout in history. It was gigantic. And a lot of really good Democrats got washed up on shore and all of a sudden were Congressmen, in districts that Democrats have no business having Congressmen.

I’m not here to tell you we’re gaining seats.

Mercifully for the above Congressmen, he didn’t name names: that particular parlor trick is reserved for the $5,000/plate fundraisers.

Moe Lane

PS: Normally, when Joe Biden is present I don’t have to guess the answer to “Who is the [most clueless] person in the room?” – but darned if it isn’t a head-scratcher this time.

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