I take @instapundit’s point, but “Mitt Romney, WARLORD OF DETROIT”…

…still has a certain ring to it.

Detroit, near death after years of being crushed by the weight of its own industrial decline, political malfeasance and insurmountable debt, needs a savior. Michigan’s governor will soon appoint an emergency financial manager for the city, giving him or her 
18 months to execute a plan to pull the Motor City out of its financial sinkhole.

And Mitt Romney has every reason to volunteer for that job.

Besides, what the hell CAN they do to Mitt Romney, past calling him a racist?  Which, and I agree with Glenn on this, they will.  But if Romney gets the kind of powers that I would realistically expect from the nickname “Warlord of Detroit” – and, thanks to Right-to-Work, I can see him getting them – and uses them to fix the horrific mess that the Democrats have created… well.  That will resonate elsewhere than in Detroit.

And, who knows?  Maybe some of the people in Detroit will figure out where their class interests actually lie.

Moe Lane