I do not see how this could possibly go badly.

You know, I understand every step of this logic.  And, theoretically, it should work fine.

But… dag.

Moe Lane


#rsrh So, AttackWatch is back! (NSFW)

The email’s going around (Ed’s reporting on it, too), and this time it’s part of one of three groups dedicated to repackaging tired Obama agitprop in a form that might not make the average voter gag.  Well.  It’s a free country, and let me demonstrate that accordingly:

Barack Obama is a narcissistic, blithering incompetent.  To use Ace of Spades HQ‘s searingly brutal and accurate formulation, President Obama is a stuttering clusterf*ck of a miserable failure; under his ‘leadership’ unemployment and gas prices have gone through the roof, not to mention food prices and our humiliation abroad.  To which I will add: Barack Obama is also an incredibly privileged, mindbogglingly oblivious urban liberal who is as about as authentically African-American as I am.  Removing him from office in the next election is not so much a civic obligation as it is a meritorious act that will shave off years in Purgatory.

There.  Report that.  That’s M-O-E L-A-N-E…

Moe Lane


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