Oh, hey, major storm on the East Coast for Christmas Eve.

I hope that you weren’t planning to travel:

A major storm centered on Christmas Eve will affect the Midwest and East with areas of strong winds, heavy snow, torrential rain and thunderstorms.

A storm forecast to develop over the lower Mississippi Valley on Tuesday, Dec. 23, is likely to strengthen dramatically, while it races northeastward toward the eastern Great Lakes on Christmas Eve.

The most far-reaching impact from the storm will be strong winds that develop and that have the potential to cause substantial flight delays along the Interstate-95 corridor, parts of the South and the Midwest. Turbulence could be an issue for some flights.


…Is it blasphemous to pray for good weather…

…because if the weather is bad enough then they’ll delay school for two hours which means that the half-day kids will have no school and it’s been five days of two children with colds and my wife can go to work and escape tomorrow but if they delay school then I can’t and you get the idea.

No, you don’t.  At this point, I am looking forward to going to the MVA to get my driver’s license renewed.  Because I will get to see other people then.




Most of the upper half of the country is going to get hammered by a cold front.

Plan accordingly.

Frigid temperatures gripped a wide swath of the U.S. Midwest and Northeast on Saturday, as the regions dug out from a deadly snow storm and braced for another blast of dangerous winter weather.

A new round of Arctic air will bring potentially record low temperatures in areas from Montana to Michigan starting this weekend, with the extremely cold air pushing eastward and blanketing the Northeast by early Tuesday, said Bob Oravec, a forecaster with the National Weather Service.

It’s going to be cold-cold, ladies and gentlemen: temperatures around zero in the North East, worse than that in the Midwest.  Canada is currently having an argument about whether it’s really as cold as Mars right now, but even the killjoys arguing ‘no’ are conceding that it’s bleeping cold out right now.  I’m serious: plan accordingly. Because it’s looking like it’s going to get nasty out.

Moe Lane

…Well, TODAY apparently sucked for travel.

My sincere condolences for anybody stuck in this one:

A major storm with heavy rain, snow and high winds was hitting Thanksgiving travelers hard on Wednesday in the Northeast with potential ripple effects for flights elsewhere in the nation.

The timing of the storm could not come at a worst time with AAA projecting 43.4 million travelers during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

“The Wednesday before Thanksgiving will be the busiest single day of travel with 37 percent of travelers departing for trips Nov. 27,” AAA stated in a press release.

…and, judging from social media, about three of those travelers were happy about it.  No, not “three percent.”  Three.