The ‘Stand Still, Stay Silent’ webcomic.

This is very interesting: Stand Still, Stay Silent looks like it’s a post-post-apocalypse (plague?) setting, with a relatively uncommon setting (modern Nordic*) and a definite promise of Funky Weird Stuff.  It’s still within binge-reading territory, but apparently the comic updates every weekday, so start reading it fast.  So far I like it; I wonder if I’d like it more in book form, though.

Have bookmarked it, if that’s a consideration for anybody.

Moe Lane

*I’d normally say ‘Scandinavian,’ but I had people point out to me recently that Finland (and maybe Iceland) aren’t quite part of that group.

I did *not* want to see this.

Avoiding Champions Online is hard enough: being told that you can make your own steampunk metal man as a character just makes it excruciating.

Moe Lane

PS: Because I enjoy being married and having a family, that’s why.

PPS: Skin Horse is a fun webcomic.  And it’s a Velveteen Rabbit reference, so get your mind out of the gutter.

‘Costumes: the Wearable Dialog.’

That’s the title of this post by Dresden Codak webcomic author Aaron Diaz, and it’s… very readable, actually.  I’m not a graphic artist, but Diaz’s analysis of costume design, its goals, and its pitfalls was easy to follow along, and made a good deal of sense to even a non-initiate.  Quite worth looking at.

Now, if only he could manage to draw a darn comic more than once a month…