“…Dunno. How BORED did hyu say hyu vos?”

Punchline to today’s Girl Genius.  Man, I love these guys…

…but I’m starting to wonder when the webcomic is going to actually reach some sort of climax.  I think that we’re somewhere in Act III, or maybe the beginning of Act IV; and the Foglios are very, very good at this sort of thing.  Still, if they were thinking about dragging it out I would argue that they shouldn’t, largely because I’d rather see the comic get wrapped up rather than lose any quality.

Yeah, I know, I know: who asked me?

Now there is some quality game-mastering, right there.

Because while a self-inflicted Total Party Kill has its charms, it’s very wasteful to let it happen in the first couple of game sessions.  You need to let them build up to it on their own.  So that it’s personalCathartic, really.

Annnnnnd that’s why GMs still do the ‘roll to see if you see the panther in the tree‘ line.  Or, rather, sometimes why they do it.  It’s a handy hint to get people’s heads back on a swivel.

Wow, this was a brazen attempt at theft.

I mean, it’s fine to subscribe to a RSS feed, obviously; and it’s even OK to aggregate a bunch of RSS feeds.  But to aggregate a bunch of webcomic RSS feeds, rip the images off of them, turn the result into an app, and then sell advertising on it… bad form, AdultComix.  Very, very bad form.

Via Darths & Droids, which is one of the comics being ripped off… and who is not happy about it at all.  I wonder how strict Australian copyright law is? – Well, I guess that we’ll find out…


Last week’s subtle SMBC.

Catching up on my webcomics, I came across this one.  It’s an example of one of the reasons why I regularly peruse Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal; the cartoonist often draws stuff that says one thing on the first reading, and then the opposite on a deeper one.

In this case: the old guy gives a conceptual framework to the kid, who then uses to communicate with the other kids (who have been given similar frameworks, or at least recognizable ones).  This communication allows all the kids to grow up with a unique perspective and framework for life, which he then uses to achieve his childhood dreams and succeed in the larger society.  And then, at the end of his life, he makes sure that the next generation can do the same thing.

Isn’t that the goal?