My only comment on the ‘Obama’s golf game trumps military couple’s wedding’ thing.

At some point in 2017, the newly former President Barack Obama will be off doing something in public.  His Secret Service detail will, naturally enough, be attempting to secure whatever venue it is that the former President is visiting… and they will be told, in a very loud voice, to go start f*cking off now.  It may be by the owner of the site. It may be by a proprietor or shop-owner. It may just simply be a citizen or citizens; the point is, somebody is going to tell Barack Obama to go wait his goram turn like anybody else.  Because he’s never learned how to do that, and he’s certainly hasn’t been encouraged to over the last six years.

I don’t expect that incident to make the news, but I do hope that someone will have the mother-wit to have a camera running.