Werespear [GURPS]

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These specialized polearms are clearly derived from bear-spears: a Werespear is a six-foot spear with a metal stabbing spear tip and a crossbar, to prevent the quarry from impaling itself further, in exchange for getting within striking range of the spear-holder.  However, this is a spear designed for fighting werewolves (and other shapechangers). The wood is reinforced rowan, and is usually smeared with various anti-werewolf herbs and unguents. The crossbar is also much longer, made of silver-coated steel, and features two additional spikes (also silver-coated steel) designed to also pierce the werewolf’s flesh.  Finally, the area below the crossbar is likewise covered with silver, just where a werewolves hands might try to grab the spear and leverage it out of the wielder’s hands. Note that the spearhead itself is not made of silver, as silver does not keep an edge well.


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