Wheylaid [GURPS 4e]

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Wheylaid [0]

Stat Modifiers: ST +5 [50], IQ -5 [-100], Per +10 [50]

Advantages: Combat Reflexes [15], Danger Sense [15]

Disadvantages: Easy to Read [-10], Social Stigma [Valuable Property or Unfortunate Victim] [-10], Unnatural Features 5 [Distinctive smell] [-5], and one of Curious, Gluttony, or Odious Personal Habit [no sense of space] [-5]

Unfortunate Victim: Society recognizes your condition, and makes allowances for it.  You are not formally property, and you have all the protections against mistreatment or exploitation that the uninfected have; but you are not a citizen, cannot vote, own property, marry, testify in court, or indeed be allowed to just wander around without supervision.  You have a caretaker who must accompany you at all times; if he is absent, you will likely be detained.  This Social Stigma persists even if you raise your IQ to sapient levels; people will subconsciously continue to react to your unique smell, even if they’re not really trying to.


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