Speaking of the Wish List…

…seeing as it’s Christmas, what the heck: I put up a link to mine on the sidebar.  I remember being vaguely resistant to the idea, but I can’t remember why. Possibly modesty. But I do encourage people to tip blogging tip jars this season, especially if they’re for people who could use the money. Bunch of folks out there who worry about food bills, not whether they get a steady supply of associated geekery…


Well, there’s no really classy way to put this…

…I updated my Wish List.  I spent several hours mucking about with it; more accurately, I spent twenty minutes mucking about with it and two hours trying to come up with a deniable way of being all cool and going Oh, hey, I updated my Wish List and everything without it looking like some sort of crass banging-the-drum thing.  Which is pathetic, because it is a crass banging-the-drum thing.  And there’s nothing wrong with that: I mean, you’re all welcome to ignore it.

Anyway.  That book Lost States (about “states that never were”) looks interesting; I probably will pick that up at some point.  Eventually.


Fine. Since I apparently need to have…

…one of these Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows in order to play Assassin’s Creed 2, I’ve added it to the Wish List.

I hope that you’re all happy now.
Moe Lane
PS: Seriously, though: what am I supposed to do with the blessed thing?  I don’t play that many shooters and I don’t expect that I’ll be playing Assassin’s Creed 2 again after I complete it, assuming that I do.  I don’t know if there is any point to playing it again, in fact.


Update on the Wish List.

Thanks to the kindness of my readers, I now have the Olympus Digital Voice Recorder (VN 6200PC) – which means I’ll be actually able to record interviews away from the computer and be able to download them directly. Most cool.

Alas, no Democratic party operatives have taken the hint and bought me a Wii to destroy my productivity. Cheap at twice the price, folks. Cheap at twice the price.


Another item from the Blogger Wish List.

Thanks to generous site support, I have the headset/microphone:


…so, hopefully, more interviews and whatnot.

Moe Lane

PS: Seriously: a Wii would completely destroy my productivity.  It’d be horrible if somebody were to decide to try to silence me that way…

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