The first Wonder Woman 1984 poster.

Movie’s coming out in exactly one year, ad campaign starts December, here’s the poster Patty Jenkins put up.



Wonder Woman 1984 back to Summer 2020 release date.

Saw this via GeekTyrant, and I wondered why.  Apparently, it’s strategic:

Even though Wonder Woman went on to make over $820 million at the box office, it opened to just north of $100M. The miraculous nature of its run was the quality of the film and its cultural impact that allowed it to keep making a ton of money throughout the summer. This still could’ve been possible in the November 2019 slot, but would also put the sequel’s legs up against SonicTerminator 6Frozen 2, and more. There’s still plenty of competition in the summer of 2020, but after the success the first film had in the same window, WB saw an opportunity to move Wonder Woman 1984 back to this time frame after removing Six Billion Dollar Man from their slate.


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