Well, that was epic. 2,800 words, straight up.

Ever have that moment when a story isn’t gelling, and then you realize that if you just switch a few things around, then everything fits into place, and then suddenly it’s four hours later and you have a 5,000 word short story instead of a couple thousand words of whatever.  I mean, it’s not actually done.  But now I can put it away for a day and revise it in time for the Patreon deadline.  I liked how this one came out.  You should read it when I post it Sunday, honestly.

Alas, I don’t have the creativity of a fruit fly right now.  Lemme pull something from the old site.


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Dirty Jobs at TED.

I got sent this yesterday. It’s a discussion on the value of real work, and it’s well worth watching; I may have to start watching Dirty Jobs, or at least catch an episode when I’m somewhere that has cable.

Dirty Jobs

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