Probably not many more posts today.

It being Saturday; plus, thanks to the Kindness of Strangers (or at least Readers) I was able to finally pick up an on-sale version of World in Conflict. So I’ll probably end up playing that a bit tonight.

What? The American side, of course. Aside from everything else, I’ve heard that Russian heavy stuff of the time was kind of not all that*.

Moe Lane

*Feel free to contest that, using as much military minutiae as you please. It’s all good.

I’m sorry. Red Dawn shouldn’t be on this list.

I’ve seen Red Dawn more times than I can count when I was a kid, and this is back in the day when that meant watching it on VHS, but ye gods and little fishes! – that movie was awful. I don’t care what NRO thinks.  Personally, I’d add Iron Man to the list, but only because doing so thoroughly mocks the antiwar movement’s ultimately unsuccessful attempt to list cowardice and hypocrisy among the American virtues.

Via RS McCain.  I have no quibbles with either of his additions.

Moe Lane

PS: I hear that World In Conflict absolutely rocks as a video game, though.


What? I like awful, sometimes.

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