Politico asks: WWCD?

As in, What Would Cheney Do? …in relation to our current President and relentlessly conventional response to the current choppy waters. Politico notes that there’s another way. The Way Of Cheney.

The former vice president, through years of public statements and internal deliberations during the Bush administration, fashioned a distinctly different school of thought about how to operate in the midst of a Washington storm.

That philosophy, in a word: defiance.


What would Cheney do is not a question, to put it mildly, that Democrats are prone to asking.

I don’t think that Politico is really asking the question, either: if you get to the end you’ll discover that their actual advice is Start kissing up to the Beltway crowd there, Barry.  Which is… actually not bad advice; but mostly because Barack Obama couldn’t credibly imitate Dick Cheney on Obama’s best day and Cheney’s worst.  There’s something that our British cousins call ‘bottom:’ as far as I can tell, it kind of means guts, kind of means determination, kind of means political courage, and kind of means consistency.  Cheney has it.  Obama doesn’t.

Which is not a – well, sorry, but it is a personal flaw.  Can’t help that.

Moe Lane