YouTube enters the Cable TV Wars.

And it’s a doozy: $35 bucks a month (six accounts, three concurrent), and “[c]hannels include all broadcast channels and cable channels like USA, FX, Freeform, ESPN, Fox Sports and NBC Sports.”  It’s very basic cable (no CNN or AMC or Comedy Central) without the actual cable, but that price should scare the heck out of a lot of cable TV executives. There are a lot of people out there who would cheerfully spend thirty five bucks a month to get cable television on their devices AND poke the cable companies in the eye.  Shoot, I figure that I’m one of them. YouTube may have a stone cold money-maker, here.

‘Fight of the Living Dead.’

As near as I can tell, the primary objective of this YouTube video series is to provide YouTube commenters with an opportunity to lustily cheer the sight of YouTube ‘celebrities’ being ‘eaten’ by zombies. …Which is an amazing idea, honestly. I’m kind of in awe.

That being said, I haven’t watched all of this episode yet. For all I know, ‘Fight of the Living Dead’ will not live up to its inherent promise. Fair warning.

Hey, Democratic leadership: ever hear of something called “YouTube?” #obamacare

That’s not really a rhetorical question.

You see, based on the above video* it’s very much an open question whether the Democratic party does understand that every single damfool thing that a liberal or Democrat says in front of a camera will get captured somewhere and then end up on a social media site dedicated to the mass distribution of entertaining, interesting, or topical video footage.  If that observation didn’t compute, try this one: you know how the media loves them some Republicans/Conservatives Acting Badly footage, and will lovingly keep archives of same in reserve for just the right occasion? – Well, guess what! Technology has advanced to the point where anybody can do that, including people who do not like Democrats or liberals.

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OMIGOD OMIGOD “Cast a Deadly Spell” is on YouTube OMIGOD.

What is Cast a Deadly Spell?  It’s the best mashup of Raymond Chandler and HP Lovecraft that HBO Pictures ever made, that’s what*.

I do not understand why they refuse to issue this on DVD.  I have money that I want to give to them in exchange for a DVD and before you tell me that there’s no interest have you seen some of the things that they issue on DVD?  Even if they just put it on Amazon Instant Video, for the love of God.  Throw me a bone, here.

Moe Lane

*The second-best was Witch Hunt.

#rsrh Is YouTube participating in a coverup? …wonders Senator Jim Inhofe.

Background here: essentially, Inhofe’s staff put up a very embarrassing video of an EPA employee gloating about ‘crucifying’ (i.e., making examples of) random individuals and companies in order to encourage fear and compliance among the rest of the populace.  The video has since been removed, and the Senator would like to know why:

[Inhofe spokesman Matt] Dempsey wrote that “we will be looking into an official response for YouTube to the claim brought forward by David McFatridge of ‘Citizen Media for We The People,’ in the morning.”

“In short, the video we cut and posted to our YouTube channel came from a YouTube channel, ‘Citizen Media for We The People,’ that said reuse is allowed and we attributed the site in the description of the video,” Dempsey added. “Further in our original website post for our media advisory, we also included a link to the original source. …. Finally, it appears as of late yesterday afternoon that Citizen Media for We The People took down all of the video content relating to Armendariz’s hourlong comments.”

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Barack Obama and the *second* YouTube election.

First off, let’s peruse this video very quickly: via Hot Air, it shows Senator Barack Obama claiming that it was ‘unpatriotic’ for President George Bush to oversee an increase in the debt of four trillion dollars over eight years…

…because apparently it’s much more patriotic to increase the debt by four trillion in two years, seven months.  Which is how much Barack Obama has used… what was the phrase?  Ah, yes: “the credit card from the Bank of China” …to provide us with – well, nothing in particular except a lot of excuses and a lowered credit rating.  I for one applaud this demonstration that Barack Obama can be more efficient than George W Bush was in something: frankly, we were all starting to wonder.

But we’re not going to talk about that.  What we are going to talk about is the way that this conversation wouldn’t have been as easy to have in 2004, or even 2008. Continue reading Barack Obama and the *second* YouTube election.