GURPS Martial Art: Zombie Defense Training [GURPS 4e]

Zombie Defense Training – Google Docs

Zombie Defense Training (9pt)

Zombie Defense Training, or ZDT, was designed in response to classic ‘slow’ zombies: mindless, clumsy, but also implacable and difficult to kill. People taught it are first trained on how to break contact; actual combat techniques are for emergencies and necessary cleanup operations.  ZDT also assumes that practitioners are wearing somewhat restrictive armor, carrying at least one club and a spear, and wearing weighted, reinforced gloves.  

The style can be used against human opponents, but the style’s lack of training in kicks (and dealing with kicks) should be particularly noted. More subtly, someone trained in ZDT is used to unsubtle foes; Romero-style zombies typically don’t use sophisticated combat maneuvers.  This isn’t enough of a problem to be worth points, but it should be considered when running combats.

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