#rsrh …”The Little Blue Book?” This title isn’t just a framing FAIL, George Lakoff.

This is a framing critical fumble with double zeros on the Critical Fumble Results chart.  Zombie rips apart this book with his(?) usual aplomb, but let me be more minimalist about it: if I was going to mock a book written by George Lakoff (who is, of course, the head gold-Rolls-Royce-owner of the progressive ‘framing’ cult) then I would have snottily suggested to him that “The Little Blue Book” – with all of its resonance with Chairman Mao* – would have been a much better and accurate title than whatever Lakoff had come up with.  And yet… he picked it.   Reality defeats me, yet again.

And these people wonder why framing doesn’t work.

Moe Lane

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Zombie Haiku? Why would I be interested in Zombie Haiku?

For some reason, people keep sending me links to things like this: Zombie Haiku: Good Poetry For Your…Brains.  I really wish I knew why they did that… hold on, let me just get this down:

Strange fruit floats downstream
As sirens die in Gray dawn –
The tide lurches in.

…anyway, it’s weird, and I’m not sure why anybody would have this impression of me – gimme a second, here:

The naginata:
Not so clumsy as shotgun –
Plus, decapitates.

…because, as all men know, I am really a highly prosaic sort of individual…

Ninja or kung fu?
PPZ’s* class struggle.
Austen would have laughed.

OK, OK, fine.

Moe Lane

*I have gotten my mother to read that book.