NYPD utilizing #OWS for indigent relief efforts?

(Via Jammie Wearing Fool) Which is a polite way of saying “New York cops allegedly loading Zuccotti Park up with real homeless.”

…while officers may be in a no-win situation, at the mercy of orders carried on shifting political winds and locked into conflict with a so-far almost entirely non-violent protest movement eager to frame the force as a symbol of the oppressive system they’re fighting, the NYPD seems to have crossed a line in recent days, as the park has taken on a darker tone with unsteady and unstable types suddenly seeming to emerge from the woodwork. Two different drunks I spoke with last week told me they’d been encouraged to “take it to Zuccotti” by officers who’d found them drinking in other parks, and members of the community affairs working group related several similar stories they’d heard while talking with intoxicated or aggressive new arrivals.

Read, as they say, the whole thing.  And after you do, we’ll discuss. Continue reading NYPD utilizing #OWS for indigent relief efforts?

#OWS The female equivalent of a sports car and a leather jacket?

I got sent this with the laconic comment “Midlife crisis much?”  I wasn’t going to throw up – choice of words not really deliberate – another OWS post, but this one I can’t help but post:

A married mother of four from Florida ditched her family to become part of the raggedy mob in Zuccotti Park — keeping the park clean by day and keeping herself warm at night with the help of a young waiter from Brooklyn.


She swears she’s not romantically involved with her new friend.

I’m going to be merciful and not publish this woman’s name. Please don’t do that in comments, either: her kids are going to collectively have a high enough therapist bill as it is.

Moe Lane

An #OWS PSA for the voters in NY-08.

Focusing particularly on the voters within audible (and olfactory) range of Zuccotti Park, which is currently the somewhat squalid epicenter for the protesters: I am given to understand that increasing numbers of them are tired of the noise, the disruption of local business and residential life, and, of course, the defecation*.  I am also given to understand that those voters are not really getting any sort of real response to their concerns, mostly because the authorities tacitly accept the notion that a bunch of squatters get to have a say in this discussion:

“We really, really want to be good neighbors. We want to be involved with the community here,” said Tyler Combelic, an “Occupy Wall Street” protester.

Let me just drill down on this: the Occupy Wall Street movement has no right to the term ‘neighbor’ in this context.  The movement does not own any real estate in the area.  It does not rent any real estate in the area.  It certainly does not pay municipal taxes in the area.  Occupy Wall Street protesters are squatters.  The best upgrade to that status that they can hope to achieve would be that of guests.  And for the record: when a host asks a guest to keep it down, the polite – and prudent – guest does not give his or her host an argument about it.  The guest instead keeps it down. Continue reading An #OWS PSA for the voters in NY-08.

#rsrh Zuccotti park to be cleaned – and, oh, yeah, shut down. #OWS

Oh, this is going to be entertaining:

The city’s top cop said today that the Occupy Wall Street protesters who clear out of Zuccotti Park tomorrow so their filthy makeshift campsite can get a much-needed cleaning can come back when the job is finished — but they can’t take their tents, coolers and other gear with them.

“People will have to remove all their belongings and leave the park,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, “After it’s cleaned, they’ll be able to come back. But they won’t be able to bring back the gear, the sleeping bags, that sort of thing will not be able to be brought back into the park.”

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