The inappropriate casting decisions for Foundation thread.

I was alerted that Hollywood’s going to do Foundation – which will, of course, suck: but it probably won’t suck epically, so we’re going to have to help them with that.  I’ll start: the director?  Tim Burton.  It’s not that Burton’s bad; it’s just that Burton is all wrong for Isaac Asimov.

Feel free to chime in with your own suggestions for casting: the only rule is that the choice either has to be hilariously wrong, or fascinatingly wrong.

11 thoughts on “The inappropriate casting decisions for Foundation thread.”

  1. Hey, Neil,

    Of course we’re rooting for failure. But after the inauguration tomorrow, the American people will never have to suffer the indignity of failure again in any endeavor.


  2. Neil: Well, it’s going to fail anyway, so we might as well go all out. So: Vin Diesel as the Mule; bad. The Rock as the Mule; awesome.

    Hap: Shyamalan is a good one, except that he’ll insist on playing Preem Palver. Who will wander in and out of the entire trilogy.

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