Meanwhile, Senator Feinstein is *also* doubtful about the stimulus.

Admittedly, it’s because she loves taxes.

Something for our mild amusement while we wait for the Democrats to flout the will of the American people with this pork bill:

WASHINGTON — Convinced tax cuts will not stimulate the nation’s economy, Sen. Dianne Feinstein spoke out Friday against President Barack Obama’s economic recovery package.

“I’m going increasingly concerned about the bill as to whether it is really going to be a stimulus,” she told fellow Senators during a debate of the bill.


Feinstein said her issue with the bill is the tax cuts included.

“What in my view a stimulus is, is not candidly speaking a tax package,” she said. “I do not believe in this economy tax cuts are simulative… I worry about this economy. The point of this package is to get jobs out to the people. So I reserve the right at the end of the day to vote against a package that does put those jobs out there.”

See also AoSHQ. Will she cave? Of course; she can live with the grubby little proletariat out there getting a tax cut, just as long as all the people out there that really matter get paid off. It’s… interesting, though, that Ace is being more generous than I am about figuring out Feinstein’s motives; it’s usually the other way around. Must be Opposites Friday, or something.

We’re both pretty much in agreement that this is going to be the Democrats’ puppy, though. Fair warning: three Republicans ain’t going to be bipartisan.

Moe Lane

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