Geez, AFSCME. Man up.

[Update]: Welcome, Instapundit readers: alas, Cantor’s press guy has already fallen on his sword for this one. A pity.

Language warning (which is why it’s not on RedState):

Rep. Cantor’s office sent this around in response to you doing as Obama bid when he didn’t get kowtowed to on his debt bill, and what’s your response? You started crying like a bully who got smacked back in the nose.

Pathetic. If you’re not ready to take a hit, don’t take a swing.

9 thoughts on “Geez, AFSCME. Man up.”

    1. Cute dogs. 🙂

      Sorry: I just wanted to make it clear to the previous poster that his speech was being repressed. Fake emails are a definite no-no…

  1. Actually, the ad is too close to the truth in some cases to be all that funny. Having said that, you can always tell the fascists by their humorlessness.

  2. So unions are run by corrupt goons. Is anyone surprised? Look at the way the always support the corrupt Dems. You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep.

    “There are two kinds of American voters – those who remember how terrible things were under Jimmy Carter, and those who are about to find out”

  3. Well, the target audience is fairly narrow but, other than that, I think it’s brilliant. He should send AFSCME a bill for the production cause it’s better than anything I’ve seen from them.

  4. Please tell me Cantor said,

    “The goons told me I should apologise or else I’d be wearing some concrete galoshes, so in that spirit I offer a most sincere and humble… ”

    Maybe change his name to reCantor

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