Sen DeMint and the ‘Fairness Doctrine:’ bringing it on next week.

(Via Hot Air) To quote the great William Shakespeare, “Let’s get ready to RUMMMMBBBBLEEE…”

Sen. Jim DeMint announced that he will force a vote next week on a bill that prevents the Federal Communications Commission from reinstating the Fairness Doctrine.

The South Carolina Republican’s bill, the Broadcaster Freedom Act, is co-sponsored by John Thune, R-S.D., and 27 others and will be offered as an amendment to the D.C. Voting Rights bill.


Sen. DeMint stated: “I’m glad President Obama finally confirmed his opposition to the Fairness Doctrine, which attacks the right of free speech on talk radio, but many Democrats in Congress are still pushing it.

“With the support of the new administration, now is the time for Congress to take a stand against this kind of censorship. I intend to seek a vote on this amendment next week so every senator is on record: Do you support free speech or do you want to silence voices you disagree with?”

Senator DeMint’s having fun here, but in a good cause: watching the Democrats try to square the circle between their legislative wing saying one thing and their executive saying another should be highly entertaining.  Really, guys, it’s much easier to pick a stand first and just stick to it.  Easier, more moral, and – once you actually commit to doing it, instead of just talking about doing it – it pays all sorts of dividends in the long run.

Guess we’ll see next week who really does run the Democratic Party, huh?  – Because after the way Congress rolled the White House on the debt bill by porking it up so, Obama could use a win, you know what I mean?

Moe Lane

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