NDCF Chair condemns Scott Murphy’s anti-military stance.

It stands for the National Defense Council Foundation…

…and it’s a NGO defense-oriented conservative think-tank that’s been calling for the conversion of American transportation to alternative fuels since at least 2003. Its chairman, retired military veteran James Martin, writes:

On behalf of NDCF supporters who proudly represent all branches of the military, it strikes me that Mr. Murphy’s writings at his alma mater, Harvard University, when he was editor of a university magazine, Perspective, do not jibe with the majority views of the people of the 20th Congressional District of New York.

Murphy apparently co-authored an editorial critical of the military and questioned its longstanding traditions and structure. In the same editorial, Murphy railed against having ROTC outposts on college campuses, “Bringing ROTC on campus is not the best way of helping the economically disadvantaged.” (Perspective, Summer 1989).

His attacks on our nation’s military demonstrate just how out-of-touch he is. This is the same District that was once served by the late Republican Congressman, Jerry Solomon.

First off, Jim Tedisco. Republican. Running for the seat. Doesn’t hate the military. Donate here.

You may be of the opinion that Mr. Murphy’s attacks on the military when he was a young, stupid – a fair assessment for someone so confused as to babble about how the military is racist at every level – college student are not relevant now. That is an interesting argument, actually: after all, I believed idiotic things in college myself, although I flatter myself that I never got this bad. But I don’t believe them anymore, and if I was running for office (avert the omen!) I wouldn’t be surprised if my opponent brought them up. Embarrassed and defensive, sure – but not surprised.

Scott Murphy needs to address this. Either he still thinks that the military is institutionally racist, in which case the voters of NY-20 deserve to know that – or he’s regained his sanity and repudiated this kind of nonsense, and in which case the online Democratic base deserves to know that. Because it’s going to be the latter’s money that fuels this race, and they’re already having a lot of broken promises to deal with.

Yes, that was written with malice aforethought. It’s still true.

Moe Lane

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