Democrats in Congress: Carbon neutrality for you; not for us.

While it’s really, really easy to laugh at the fact that the environmentalists’ march on the Capitol Power Plant is being hampered by a heavy snowstorm – to blatantly steal from one of my cobloggers, I’ve just come in from shoveling eight inches of global warming off of my front walkway – it’s…

Hold on. I’m actually still laughing.


Anyway, there is the minor little detail that Democrats in Congress are rather quick to dictate to the rest of us what we should and shouldn’t be doing for the environment, and rather slow to inconvenience themselves. They’ve had at least two years to implement changes and upgrades to the plant; heck, if they’re that worried about carbon emissions they could, I don’t know, turn the heat down to 65 degrees in the winter and turn up the air conditioning to 80 degrees in the summer. That would save them a lot of energy. For that matter, that would also give them some idea of what the less fortunate classes (i.e., everybody else) might be going through.

Yeah, I know: very Pollyanna of me. If the Democrats actually cared, they would have spent some money in their ongoing fiscal potlatch to modernize the plant, instead of using the revenue to pay off some lobbyist or another’s marker. Still, you have to at least try to call them on it.

Moe Lane

PS: Good job calling the snowstorm thing, Greg.

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