Hey, remember Jeffrey Toobin?

Sure you do!

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He’s the guy that said this, back in the day:

You know, Jeff, I understand that you had some… issues… with the Governor of Alaska. That’s fine; nobody’s perfect, of course. But for the items that you packed into your negative assessment of her moral character, I can’t help but notice something: not once were you even able to imply that she was out shtupping the kid of one of her professional colleagues.

What’s that like, by the way*?

Gawker has the full details, and they live for days like this, so I’ll let them get to it. My contribution? This photo from a conference that Toobin and the woman’s father participated in together.

And, yeah, you can be pretty sure that the thought “I am so sleeping with your daughter” was going through Jeff’s head at the time.

Moe Lane

*I wouldn’t know: I take my marriage vows seriously.

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