Maj Gen. Dave Evans to run for TN-06.

His opponent, you’ll remember, is the guy who went skiing in Europe on your money.

Yeah, Bart Gordon’s getting a challenger:

Tuesday night, Putnam County native, Major General Dave Evans announced his candidacy for Congress in a speech to the Putnam County Republican Party.

β€œI am here this evening,” Evans said speaking to a standing-room only crowd, β€œto announce that I will seek the Republican nomination to challenge liberal Democrat Bart Gordon for the privilege of representing Tennesseans who reside in the Sixth Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives.”

Forgive the primitive nature of this post: it’s being done on a third-party computer. Anyway, as the above link shows Gen Evans has been considered a possibility for a challenge in TN-06 for some time now; so this isn’t really news – but it’s still welcome. I look forward to hearing more about his candidacy.

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