You want Rule #5, RS McCain?

Do you?

Do you?


Here you go, via The Clue Meter & Blackfive, and courtesy of Israeli weapons manufacturer Rafael:

I’m not saying that you can’t beat that – but I am saying that you’re going to have to work for it.  Slow-mo of women in bikinis firing automatic rifles isn’t going to cut it.

2 thoughts on “You want Rule #5, RS McCain?”

  1. The first Bollywood-style movie I saw (which wasn’t an authentic Bollywood movie) was Bride & Prejudice. As I was watching the very attractive ladies dance, I thought to myself, “No wonder the Hindus and Muslims don’t get along in India.”

    The Hindus were extremely sensual — practically everything they did was sexy, without being raunchy or explicit (you’ll never see so much as a mouth-to-mouth kiss in a Bollywood film, I’m told). This must drive the Muslims nuts.

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