I don’t normally do these kind of…

…’round the blogs posts; but it is kind of funny that Cynthia Yockley’s (aka The Conservative Lesbian) poking of Stacey McCain’s condemnation of gay marriage caused him to disseminate a picture that now apparently makes for the most interesting automatic a*d* choices.

One trembles to contemplate what this post will do. Although, speaking as someone who was a spatula serf for seven years, really: the entire purpose of the fast-food restaurant is that you get food. Fast.

Not that violence is an appropriate response, of course.

One thought on “I don’t normally do these kind of…”

  1. Moe,

    It was great meeting you this evening on Capitol Hill! Stacy is being a great sport and I’m glad you see the humor, too! I’m putting you in my Blogroll and I hope there’s room for “A Conservative Lesbian” on yours!

    Cynthia Yockey


    I’m a big Maxfield Parrish fan, too.

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