Yet another Star Trek TV show?

“All parties, by the way, absolutely detest answering questions on this subject, knowing any response they give will spawn headlines and inevitably get them yelled at by somebody”

The above is from this article speculating – speculating! – that the upcoming release of the new Star Trek movie could result in a reboot of the franchise for television. I don’t know what I’m grimacing more at, though: the thought of what the author called “Gossip Girl in Space”(both I and Allahpundit winced at the trailer, which makes this allegation altogether too horrifyingly believable); or the first line of the article, which claims that faster-than-light travel is theoretically possible [UPDATE: unless it doesn’t; see comments below].  I am given to understand that this is wrong in a fashion that makes physicists gibber; I look forward to testing that in the near future*.

Canceled Enterprise or no, there’s money in Star Trek.  It’ll be back.  Whether it’ll be back in the highly bizarre – if not really implausible – fashion suggested above is another story.

Moe Lane

*Yes, I know about tachyons.  That’s why the physicist is gibbering.

2 thoughts on “Yet another Star Trek TV show?”

  1. Moe,
    Having read the article, I think the first line was ironic, versus being declarative. It seemed to me to be along the lines of “It’s possible, when pigs sprout wings…”, not something the writer was actually stating his belief in. Thanks for your blog, I enjoy it daily.


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