Help a guy out?

[UPDATE] Now unstickied.  Thanks to everybody who contributed.

[UPDATE] Caleb’s also put up a post here about what he hopes to do in the next stage of all of this.  Check it out.

(This post will be up on top for a while.)

This isn’t for me: this is for one of my colleagues over at RedState. He’s Caleb Howe/ “absentee,” and he’s the guy who caught Don Fowler laughing at Hurricane Gustav’s impact on New Orleans

…since then he’s been having fun being one of our video guys: this one is a pretty good example of some of the stuff that he does, and below is his latest.

Caleb’s also done some good print/picture work, too: see here and here and here and here and here for examples.  In short, he’s got a good range, a good eye, and we’re lucky to have him at RedState.  Unfortunately, he could use some help right now if he’s to, well, stay on the Internet: hence the donation button. Please give him a hand, if you can.


Moe Lane

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