NY-20 update: an endorsement and a removal.

The New York Post has announced for Tedisco, citing his experience over Scott Murphy, Tedisco’s better ideological fit to this district, Tedisco’s record of fiscal restraint, and – interestingly – Murphy’s refusal to support the death penalty for even 9/11 terrorists. And in other news, the Libertarian candidate has been disqualified for the second election cycle running from being on the ballot. Problems with the signatures, again*.

Homestretch time, folks. As you can see below, Tedisco’s enjoying considerable online grassroot support (he seems set to pass 100K collected online without any trouble), but Jim Geraghty reports that the polls are tight. This isn’t the time to slow down.

Moe Lane

*Yes, the President endorsed Murphy. Imagine my shock. Also imagine my shock that the President has no intention of stumping for a candidate in a race that isn’t self-evidently in the bag for the Democrat already.

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2 thoughts on “NY-20 update: an endorsement and a removal.”

  1. We know the fact that Scott Murphy is a wall street millionaire. But, this event is not all about resources neither career. This is much more of Public Service, Community Accomplishment, Leadership, and Good Conduct. Jim Tedisco is know from the start as a devoted public servant. Community always count on him for a long time. Never committed a crime during his tenure. It is obvious that he’s opponent has no, even a bit background in public service. Anyway, this is not about whose party’s gonna win but a leader that would serve his people with all the quality of being a good leader.

    Scott Murphy has a millions unpaid taxes including penalties, Murphy’s company failed to pay insurance at almost a million, Murphy signed the stimulus bill with out reading the content. He was ask about stimulus bill during his interview at the white house, and the respondents was felt empty with him because of his unacceptable ideology about the bill. Besides, Murphy has a lot of misconduct during his college including sexually addict. Paying those, shall I say “Birds” just to have an hour happiness. Wow, this is not the congressman we are looking for as a candidate.

    Let’s see if the times union does it’s job and asks Murphy about this.

    Scott Murphy for Congress truth about bonuses

    Scott Murphy for Congress tax problem

    Scott Murphy for Congress against death penalty

    I’m voting Jim Tedisco.

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