Chris Matthews, Howard Fineman sexualize their digs at Gov. Palin.

It’s not surprising that Matthews isn’t visible in this clip. He’s the sort who’ll hide his face during an attack:

…and unlike Ed Morrissey I don’t assume class from anybody at Newsweek until proven otherwise – which is a working methodology that has been completely justified by Howard Fineman’s example. But if you disagree that Fineman’s not reachable, well, his email’s and the main number for Newsweek in NYC is 212-445-4000. Don’t let them give you the 800 number: those people just handle magazine subscriptions.

Sorry, folks, but this is part of the price of being a more activist party. You have to be, well, active. That means, among other things, emailing and calling about offensive stuff, instead of just stewing about them.

Moe Lane

PS: For any Democratic women reading this: do yourself a favor, and run this past your male Democratic friends and loved ones without revealing your own opinion on the subject. The ones who laugh are the ones who’ll talk about you, or go around you, behind your back.

Hey, I’m just the messenger.

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3 thoughts on “Chris Matthews, Howard Fineman sexualize their digs at Gov. Palin.”

  1. I suppose that they keep forgetting that Sarah Palin is the Governor of Alaska and not the Republican VP candidate? Oh wait; they need someone to hate and she’s still a convenient target.

  2. I was way better than either of these bozos as a reporter, as an American and as a human being. But that’s not saying one whole hell of a lot is it?

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