Yeah. We all had a good laugh about the funding thing.

AllahPundit’s just the latest one I’ve seen who’s done it: it being “rolling his/her eyes at watching the left-sphere poor-mouth their lack of ad revenue.” Apparently, we’re all rolling in that sweet, sweet, advertising dough over here, while they’re being imposed upon by their compatriots for no recompense at all.  No, really. This is going to shock the rest of us over at sites like RedState, Right Wing News, Protein Wisdom, Sister Toldjah, and well, myself*; none of us have a seven-figure yearly budget.  Heck, some of us don’t have a budget, period.

And at least a couple of sites on that list should.  You gotta speculate if you want to accumulate, as Terry Pratchett‘s been known to say.

[UPDATE]: Heh.  I suspect that Glenn Reynolds is raising one eyebrow.  Just a tad.  He goes for minimalist, sometimes.

Moe Lane

*Not that my personal site’s traffic level is comparable to the first two, but what the heck: I still have a laptop replacement drive going on (click the Donate button to the right), and I am registered with BlogAds.

And if not me, well, I’m sure that you read somebody that’s worthy of tip-jar hitting.

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  1. Funny how the proles who install communism never understand that they are proles, forever barred from GUM.

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