Alas, not an update to the squirrel detonation story.

Let me just repeat the title again: Spokane parks to detonate squirrels using propane-fueled explosions. To paraphrase Bloom County, that title just sings.

Anyway, Stop the ACLU (via Hot Air’s Green Room’s Laura) takes this opportunity to kick PETA a little for equating military medical trauma exercises using animals (I’m sanitizing what happens there) with torture of humans. I’d be a lot more impressed with that argument if PETA was willing to put up volunteers ready to get deliberately and seriously injured in order to give the doctors somebody to practice on. Or if I thought that PETA was recruiting from the percentage of the population that thinks that having less dead or permanently crippled American troops was a good thing.

Hey, the next neocon you see in PETA’s ranks will be the first, you know what I mean?

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