Today’s Podcast: Tea Parties, the Bush Six, and International Affairs.

I did my twice-monthly radio podcast with Fausta today – we discussed Tea Parties, Cuba, the “Bush Six,” pirates of Somalia, the Vatican’s rejection/non-rejection of pro-choice ambassadors, the DHS rightwing extremist issue, and even a quick mention of IL-05.  And, oh yeah, I sneered at the pro-torture Left.  Just because I felt like it.  Podcast and the various links mentioned after the fold.

I would like to note that the stories “The Bush Six to Be Indicted” and “The Practice Of Law Is Under Indictment — Where Is The ABA?” are of particular importance.  To recap: the Daily Beast is reporting that six members of the Bush administration are going to be indicted in a Spanish court for offering legal advice.  I was, shall we say, rather vehement in my commentary, which can boil down to “If the Obama administration does not make it clear that this is intolerable, the current people in government had best hope that the Democrats stay in power for the rest of eternity.”  With a lot more angry stammering, but then this topic annoys.

Not to mention makes me worry more about the future of our democratic system more than anything else going on right now.

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