One quibble on Ed Morrissey’s column on Dana Milbank’s column.

It’s a fairly good takedown of said column, but there was just this one point of Ed’s that I want to address:

At least this is better than some of your colleagues’ attempts to justify their position by holding up threats as badges of honor. That’s the “I must have been right because I got hate mail” response, after a dumb column provoked even less intelligent response from readers. All that means is that really stupid people read the column and couldn’t deal with disagreement in a cogent and rational manner, which has nothing to do with the source material. Threats prove nothing other than the intellectual level of the person who uses them.

Sometimes, that’s the goal. Not that it was Milbank’s, of course – but if you’re out there trying to illustrate that a particular group or faction can’t be trusted to come in out of the rain, it’s kind of handy if they obligingly send in proof about why you were right.

Besides, they splutter very entertainingly, sometimes.

Moe Lane

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