‘100 DAYS, 100 MISTAKES:’ the New York Post Review. [Now with a mistake that’s all the Post’s!]

[UPDATE] Hot Air reports that the New York Post put the wrong name on a quote: it was Meghan Clyne who made the comments below, not Governor Sarah Palin. Stick this one in the Too Good To Be True files.

(H/T: Hot Air Headlines) It ranges from the petty to the serious – honestly, I don’t think that not getting a shelter dog ranks up there with mishandling the ‘stimulus’, or even killing minority scholarships in DC – but the NYP has a full range, and any article that has quotes from both Glenn Beck and TalkLeft is going to be fascinating reading. And if it all seems so terribly unfair… well. Consider this a teachable moment, then: with the lesson being it’s not really a good idea to take a man and raise him up as some sort of god, or at least an avatar. Men may make mistakes; gods may not. Mistakes are intolerable in gods.

But never mind my natterings: Governor Sarah Palin Meghan Clyne was kind enough to opine for the NYP article, and excerpts of her comments are past the fold.


“Obama soared to victory on the hopeful promise of a new era of bipartisanship. During his inaugural address he even promised an ‘end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas, that for far too long have strangled our politics.’

“Too bad it took all of three days for the promise to ring hollow.

“Start with Obama’s big meeting with top congressional leaders on his signature legislation — the stimulus — on the Friday after his inauguration. Listening to Republican concerns about overspending was a nice gesture — until he shut down any hopes of real dialogue by crassly telling Republican leaders: ‘I won.’ Even the White House’s leaking of the comment was a slap at the Republican leadership, who’d expected Obama to adhere to the custom of keeping private meetings with congressional leadership, well, private.


“Of course, the lack of bipartisanship isn’t limited to Capitol Hill. Obama has taken gratuitous swipes at the Republicans who recently decamped Washington, blaming President Bush for everything from the economy and the war to the lack of sufficient puppies and rainbows. And who could forget the Rush Limbaugh flap — in which Obama’s top advisers, including chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, orchestrated a public relations campaign meant to undermine the Republican National Committee chairman, Michael Steele, by framing talk-radio personality Limbaugh as the real head of the Republican Party.

“For now, Obama’s back-pedal on the bipartisanship promise just makes him look insincere. But the real consequences of the mistake will be felt soon enough. As Presidents Bush and Clinton could tell him, congressional majorities do change — and at some point, Obama will need Republicans on his side. He’d be smart to spend his second 100 days making up for the serious snubs of his first.”

— Sarah Palin is the governor of Alaska

Hard to find somewhere to cut on that one. Of course, a lot of the Democratic base is even now doing their level best to convince themselves that we have reached… what’s the phrase, again? Ah, yes: “the end of history” – so it doesn’t matter what that woman thinks, anyway. And they’re ready to scream at anybody who’ll tell them different, believe you me…

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