Swine Flu Biden.

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Brother Pejman expands on this report that Vice President Biden is telling people to avoid public transportation and yank their kids out of schools.

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If President Obama wishes to handle this crisis by sending Vice President Biden to an undisclosed location until it’s over, well, sacrifices must be made.

Moe Lane

PS: Watch the video that Pej found above: it’s not every day where you see what is effectively a pet media organ of the Democratic party call for closing the border. And watch for the gaffe at about 5:15. Freudian slip there, Joe?

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14 thoughts on “Swine Flu Biden.”

  1. Intersting that the host felt the need, when introducing Biden, to inform his audience that Biden is the Vice-President. Is that normal?

  2. Remember folks –

    Recommending people have duct tape and plastic sheeting on hand as a means of self-protection from a biological threat in 2003 … dumb, bad, stupid idea.

    having duct tape, plastic sheeting, washing your hands frequently, avoiding crowded and confined spaces, stockpiling food, closing schools, businesses, borders as a response to a biological threat … genius.

    Bidenesque Genius, but genius nonetheless


  3. Now I lay me down to sleep

    I pray Lord to Obama keep

    If he should die before I wake

    Please God also [Biden] take

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