‘If this guy had a different last name…’

It’s a significant point that I don’t actually have to tell conservative/Republican readers who GayPatriot is talking about: they would guess from the title alone that the subject is Jeb Bush. There are a lot of people out there who think that the wrong Bush ran in 2000*.

Personally, I’m not one of them – more accurately, when it came to the GWOT I’d rather keep GWB than all of the other possibilities** – but I also suspect that it doesn’t particularly matter, anyway: 2012 is probably too soon for the Bush name to be ‘rehabilitated’ in the public arena***, 2016 will be contentious either way, and the man will be 67 in 2020. For that matter, it’s not entirely wrong to be concerned that any one family should keep getting access to the Presidency: in 2008 we were facing a situation where the name ‘Bush’ or ‘Clinton’ had appeared on a winning party ticket seven times in a row, and up until Obama won the nomination it was threatening to be eight.

Well, there’s always the Senate in 2012. Going for Nelson’s seat should provide a good deal of panic, fear, inchoate rage, and general nastiness from the Online Left: so that’s something to look forward to.

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*Not that everybody in the party is universally pleased with the man these days: their privilege, although I found the basic gist of this article unexceptionable.

**Specifically including the primary alternative, which would have been Al Gore. Based on what happened to the man after he lost the election, I’m pretty sure that his reaction to 9/11 would have been to go barking mad insane. And wouldn’t that have been one heck of a Constitutional crisis.

***Oh, it will be. Probably before the end of the next decade, in fact. Watching the bitter-ender Bush-bashers come to grips with this fact promises to provide at least five minutes of detached amusement every time a story about their pain bubbles up to the surface.

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