Cynthia McKinney’s boat sinks*.

(Via Israel Matzav) The boat being the “Dignity,” which was a blockade runner supporting Hamas that tried to bull its way through the Israeli’s interdiction of Gaza, and discovered that when wood meets steel, wood gives way. Anyway, it’s at the bottom of the Mediterranean now:

‘Free Gaza’ Leftist Ship Capsized

( A boat used by the leftist “Free Gaza” organization to challenge Israel’s sovereignty over Gaza waters capsized on Monday. The ship, Dignity, was used “to protest the embargo” imposed by the IDF as a means of preventing Hamas terrorists from importing weaponry.

The group’s spokesperson, Ramzi Kysia, said that the 66-foot (20 meter) length boat capsized due to poor weather conditions. He added that he does not suspect that the boat was sabotaged in any way.

I don’t know if ‘sabotaged in any way’ is quite accurate, though. I would personally say that ‘owned and crewed by people who voluntarily have inserted their thumb in their anus’ qualifies.

Moe Lane

*No, she wasn’t on it; and you should be ashamed of yourself if you hoped that she was. Not nice of you, even if she is a babbling anti-Semitic lunatic.

Note that it’s perfectly acceptable to hope that her life savings were on that boat. Or maybe her laptop. Essentially, anything not actually alive.

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2 thoughts on “Cynthia McKinney’s boat sinks*.”

  1. I thought you meant the houseboat she lived on while in DC, and I assumed that everyone got off safely. (Note: I have no idea if she lives on a houseboat, as former Rep. Jim Traficant did) But the real explanation suffices. AND it appears they aren’t even TRYING to blame the Joooooooz (those Zionist pig dogs riled up the sea with their big boats and used a stick to push over our peace-loving boat which was innocently trying to bring flowers and teddy bears to small children with doughy faces who will have to cry themselves to sleep tonight. We meant no harm and really only want peace with the baby blood drinking, small puppy stomping, goldfish mutilating, dog Israelis. Really, we mean no harm and wish to live in perfect harmony. Death to the enemies of Palestine.), which is a step forward.

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