Revisiting the New ‘Stuff Just Blows Up’ Star Trek.

Dan Collins and David Thompson have more about that eye-rolling bad review of Star Trek that I… well, rolled my eyes over. David went on to mention “In the Pale Moonlight” of Star Trek: DS9; the clip that he’s thinking of is good enough that I’m reproducing it below.  It’s no accident that this is one of the most memorable events from the series. Or that it’s also one of the most contrary-to-stereotypical ones, either.

Would that there had been more of them.

Moe Lane

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9 thoughts on “Revisiting the New ‘Stuff Just Blows Up’ Star Trek.”

  1. In the Pale Moonlight is what made DS9 great. It showed that war isn’t as glorious as you might think, even in the future.

  2. Great clip. It shows a man trying to convince himself the the ends justify them means and then leaves the audience to juge him.
    My review of the movie will be up tonight after I see it in IMAX tonight.

  3. IMAX.

    Yeah, just rub it in.


    Moe Lane

    PS: Got to see Dark Night in IMAX last year during the RNC. And the theater sold beer.

  4. That’s a nice video there.

    I think that the first-person narrative is a bit heavy handed, but that kind of moral crisis is classic Star Trek.

    I can imagine Kirk coming to the same conclusion on a number of episodes.

  5. Yeah. In the first five minutes.

    He’d then go do it, and in the process blow up a super-logical super-computer, casually get whatever attractive female was handy, and have his shirt torn.

  6. The torn shirt is critical.

    One wonders how they kept him supplied before the super-replicators of TNG. Maybe that’s what Yeoman Rand did when she wasn’t making coffee: repair the Captain’s uniforms.

  7. One of the best episodes ever in one of the best renditions of Star Trek. The Starbase Commander Formerly Known as Hawk was every bit as good as Kirk – and, sometimes, in scenes like this, better.

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