Since when did Alexandria decide it wanted Gitmo detainees?

Jennifer Rubin, who also commented on that Jim Moran column I raised an eybrow at earlier, reminds us that the subject has come up before

It seems Jim Moran’s hometown spoke out on this issue a couple of months ago, according to this news report. Residents were apparently “decidedly unfriendly to news that the Obama administration might move some detainees from their highly controlled military fortress at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to Alexandria.” The rest of the political establishment is not nearly as excited as Moran about being a “host city”…

As the WaPo article notes, a couple of years ago Alexandria had to play ‘host’ for Zacarias Moussaoui and some other terrorist suspects going through the criminal justice system, and they didn’t enjoy the situation in the slightest. Which is why city officials made it clear in said article that they were not interested in having Gitmo detainees show up in their locale now; and which is why both Jen and I are wondering whether Rep Moran bothered to actually check with anybody before he volunteered his district for the ‘honor.’

Probably not: it’s funny how often statements like “But that’s not the Alexandria I know and have represented in Congress for nearly 20 years” turn out to be, well, untrue…

Moe Lane

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