I am off to see Star Trek. [UPDATED]

I wonder what it will be like…


6 thoughts on “I am off to see Star Trek. [UPDATED]”

  1. *sigh*

    You people are going to make me see this aren’t you?

    I’ve been dead-set on not seeing it since I first heard about the project. I was drawing a line. I’d been progressively disappointed with everything Star Trek for years. “The line must be drawn here. No further.”

    I can stand not seeing a movie of a type I have no real interest in when it gets lots of positive remarks. I’ll probably never see the latest Batman movie.

    But this is Star Trek. *Sigh*

  2. No sound to explosions in space, modified tachyon bursts are not cosmic Swiss Army Knives, and there’s no reason for anybody to be paralyzed or sans limbs in a world that has transporters with pattern buffers.

    And, no, black holes do not work that way. 🙂

  3. While I found the Kirk/Spock romantic subplot to be both ponderous and predictable, I was genuinely surprised and moved by their take on the Uhura/Nurse Chapel relationship. After the withering commentary in ‘Galaxy Quest’ about token female characters, I enjoyed Uhura finally getting some much needed development.

  4. The Uhura thing was inspired. And I can’t wait for enough people to see the film so that we can all *talk* about it.

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