Ain’t no tent big enough for Ted Rall.

No, Stacy.  Sorry, but no.  Ted Rall defines himself by what he hates; when he flips, he’s going to end up in some other internal head-space that’s just as tediously scary and banally ugly as the one that he was in for the last eight years.  And when the next President takes office, he’ll hate that office holder, too; and so on, and so on, and so on.  So let him rot where he is.

Besides, there’s the entire ‘draws like he’s using a Sharpie stuck in his armpit’ thing – which is actually kind of funny: I completely misremembered where James Lileks suggested Rall inserted his pen.

And, honestly, I like my version better.

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4 thoughts on “Ain’t no tent big enough for Ted Rall.”

  1. It was interesting to see Ted Rall have a moment of clarity, but I don’t think that is any sign of a conversion to rationality.

    Rather, I think it is the sign of a Leftist throwing a hissy fit because Obama is not pure enough.

    There hasn’t been a cross-roads event to cause Rall to think “maybe Bush was right”, as I had when the Berlin Wall came down…that was when my conversion from being a Classical Liberal began. My thoughts began with “maybe Reagan was right”. In other words, I was liberal enough to change when presented enough information.

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