Andrew Cuomo still not running for NY Governor.

If the last month should have done anything, it should have caused NY State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to at least re-evaluate his decision not to challenge current Governor David Paterson for the job.  Since then, Paterson’s numbers have stayed awful: 19% from Marist, 28% from Quinnipac, 18% from Siena.  The consensus is that Giuliani beats Paterson; Cuomo beats Paterson; and that Cuomo beats Giuliani.  The situation for Paterson is in fact so bad that his own consituents would rather have their old governor back right now, and their old governor has a name for liking to choke prostitutes*.

And yet, Cuomo won’t run.

Governor David Paterson won’t get challenge from Andrew Cuomo

Primary fights are great for Democrats, state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo asserts.

And no, he insisted again Sunday, he has no plans to challenge Gov. Paterson.

Either Cuomo really doesn’t want the job, or he’s quietly worried about any Democrat’s chances in 2010.  Given the nature of the economy in general and New York’s in particular, there may be something to that last worry – and if so, it’s something to consider when trying to decide how doomed the Republican Party is in the Northeast.

Moe Lane

*Which is why he won’t be running again, rehabilitation dreams to the contrary.  The editorial cartoons draw themselves.

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